Bringin' Beats Staff



Meet Jorge Gaytan A.K.A. DJ Prox!

Fluent in the Spanish language, DJ Prox has a Club Style, knows yesterday and today's tunes, mixes beats and keep's the dance floor packed all night long! Free Style and Spanish are his specialty!

DJ Miles


Meet Miles Hernandez A.K.A. DJ Miles!

DJ Miles has a club style and mixes tunes from Free Style, House to Today's Dance Hits! DJ Miles has a style of his own and will keep your guests on the dance floor for sure!

DJ Mikey O.


Meet Michael Orozco A.K.A. DJ Mikey O!

DJ Mikey O mixing up all of your favorite traditional, classic rock, 50's all the way to today's most requested dance hit's! He is sure to Rock your Party!

DJ Dave


Meet Dave Littleton A.K.A. DJ Dave!

DJ Dave is a seasoned musician and Disc Jokey in all genres of music! You will be moved on the dance floor From Otis Day and the Knights to Pitbul, to the traditional Chicken Dance to the Wobble! DJ Dave will have the dance floor rockin'!

Rhonda Lee & Jimmy O


Meet Jimmy and Rhonda Orozco A.K.A. Jimmy O & Rhonda Lee Live Music Sensation! Founders and Owners of Bringin' Beats Music have combined their 2 decades of talents into who they are now! Performing, customizing, consoling,  over 300 weddings since 1996! Jimmy O will knock your socks off with his Santana style guitar playing and Rhonda Lee's passion for singing will leave you with goosebumps on your goosebumps! This Dynamic Duo will knock your party out of the park with their musical talents and their amazing interaction with you and your guests.